Old Friends

Maybe it is common to “women of a certain age” but I am hearing a lot about re-connections with old friends.    Two popular books feature stories along this theme as well…The Girls from Ames” by Jeffrey Zaslow which tells the story of a forty year friendship between eleven women and “The Last Time I Saw You” by Elizabeth Berg  which is the story of a 40th high school class reunion told from five different characters.

Through FaceBook  I am now in touch, albeit it lightly, with a handful of faces from the past and find myself looking for more.  What I am searching  for is not clear yet.  Although I am quite nostalgic,  I don’t think I want to revisit those past places, events, or even season of life.  Perhaps it is more like genealogy, wondering, “Who did I come from?”  After all these years, I am ready to find out.

Over the summer I spent a long weekend with two girl friends I met when we were all 14.  Might I add that we had not been together like this since high school! All of the angst I invested in wondering how this would go was transformed into some of the best five days in this season of my life.  Laughing, talking, remembering, praying, looking ahead…a lot of the threads from the past were tied up that weekend.

How about you?  How many in your current circle of influence reach back into the past as well?

“It takes a long time to grow an old friend.”  John Leonard.

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