Who are your Saints?

All Saints Day , an official church holiday to commemorate all Saints known and unknown, is this week.  You might only know it from its “Eve”…also known as Halloween. While many of us are familiar with the more famous saints such as Francis, Paul, and Mother Teresa, it can also be a time to honor those Saints from our own lives who imprinted us before they left.

My grandmother was a Saint to me.  Not that she was all that holy-fied but I loved hanging out with her, going out to eat at a “Grill” and occasionally going to her church which was not the kind I went to.  I wish I could consult with her about grandmothering.

Mary Covert, the very old lady who lived near our college campus, was also a Saint.  She stocked her cupboards with cookies and her table with current magazines hoping to provide a place for college kids to hang out.  Some of us did now and then but not often enough.  She might be surprised that I am writing about her today but she would like that.

Stanley was a Saint for sure.  He and his elderly wife brought even more elderly widows into their small home to care for.  He lived up the street from my parents and I met him a few months before Tom and I got married.  He often had a Bible verse to pass on to us and slipped a $20 bill in a religious book he gave us for a wedding gift.  It was probably out of his meager household budget.

Other Saints flitted through so quickly that I never got their names but I remember the encounters.  I hope to catch up with them on the other side.

Who are your Saints to honor this week?


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