Anniversaries of the Heart

Valentine’s Day is in the books for this year but my personal holiday is almost here…..February 16, a holiday that only I celebrate, “It’s Almost Spring Day!”

I was nine years old when time seemed to move much more slowly than it does these days. I remembering playing in the basement as my mom hung laundry and having perhaps my first “ah-ah” moment. “MOM…if it’s February 16 then there are only 12 days left in February then it’s March and spring comes in March so it is almost here!” I doubt if she remembers this snippet of conversation but it has stayed with me all this time.

Kinda crazy how a random observation or experience can become the foundation of a lifetime of little celebrations. But so it began, my personal Groundhog Day of sorts to remind me that winter soon will pass. I still remember every year and mark the occasion with flowers, a walk outdoors or at least an intentional pause.

We all have anniversaries of the heart, special days that no one will ever send us a card for but our heart is stirred once again when the day comes around. Often they started out as very ordinary days in which something magical emerged. I celebrate a few of these each year and am always on the lookout for more! While you enjoy being loved and remembered on the public holidays,  resolve to celebrate your next Anniversary of the Heart day and honor yourself then as well for the very memorable life you lead!

What are some of your anniversaries of the heart?


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