Part 2: How to Change Your Life in 20 Minutes

Part 2: How to Change Your Life in 20 Minutes

So if you read Wednesday’s post you know that choosing an intentional life means getting stuff done. One of my favorite tools is a simple kitchen timer and I hope you have yours ticking out your 20 minute tasks and getting your list checked off.

Here are more ways to bring transformation with a timer.

For your family:

  • Use a timer to alternate between play-time and clean-up time.  The timer becomes the “voice” to end start/end and you remain in good favor.  Can be less than 20 minutes.
  • For non-nappers, institute a 20 minute quiet time of solitary play/looking at books.  This is of course so YOU get your quiet time!
  • Let the timer designate whose turn it is for sharing favorite toys.
  • Try playing a LONG never-ending game like Candy Land for 20 minutes if that’s all you have or all you can endure. Closest to the end wins!
  • Drop all your other to-dos and PLAY with your kids for 20 minutes.  That’s what you will remember at the end of the day.
  • Challenge older kids to clear the table and get the dishes done before the timer rings.  A small incentive might help.
  • Stick a timer in your car, it will come in so handy, trust me!  A cell phone alarm can work too in a pinch.

More random 20 minute tasks:

  • 20 minutes is enough time to set-up online bill pay with your bank.
  • A lot of old emails can be deleted in 20 minutes.
  • In 20 minutes you can gather a lot of stuff to donate to charity.
  • Bathroom cabinets take about 20 minutes to clean and organize.
  • Handwritten notes are so nice and a couple can be written in 20 minutes.
  • See how many dresser drawers you can sort before the timer rings.
  • Check your free credit report.
  • Organize your books by alphabet or genre, a fun 20 minute task!

I would love to hear your ideas for more 20 minute tasks.

Check back Monday for how celebrate the first day of spring!


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