10 Fun Ways To Enjoy YOUR Spring Break

Aren’t you sometimes envious of all those kids turned out of school this time of year for their Spring Break?  I see them on the corner, in the mall (I do occasionally make a rare appearance) and read about the exciting places their parents are taking them in my Facebook browsing.

Back in the day, I was quite good at Spring Break…my kid’s break that is.  The first morning held extensive room cleaning like windows and closets but that was always followed by going out for pizza lunch.  The rest of the week we played or shopped or went to fun local places.  I looked forward to that week as much as they did.

By college time, they designed their own plans for this precious week but the girls usually gave me a day to take them shopping (and paying) and in spite of the expense, it was usually a “best day ever.”

I miss Spring Breaks and a few years ago decided to restore them.  The first break was declared right after I finished an intensive course of study.  Perfect!  I had the luxury of a few days off and quickly lined up a matinee for one day, a lunch out for another and a downtown field trip for the third.  The renewal lasted a long time.

In case you can’t take time off this year (I can’t either),  Spring Breaks can also weave through an ordinary work week with a little intentionality.

Designate which week/days you will call Spring Break. You might need to use your early morning, lunch hour, evening, or weekend but consider one of these fun ways to set aside time for yourself for your own seasonal restoration.

  1. Take a long walk in a nearby beautiful place:  forest preserve, beach, public park or arboretum.
  2. Create your own film festival and watch your favorite old movies on DVD.
  3. Visit that shop that looks so interesting.
  4. Check out an art gallery or museum.
  5. Take in a local tourist attraction in your home town.
  6. Go out to breakfast/lunch to a place you’ve never been before.
  7. Schedule a beauty treatment.  Local beauty academies can be inexpensive.
  8. Have fun with paints, crafts, beads or whatever feeds your spirit.
  9. Rearrange your bedroom.
  10. Take a personal retreat.

I would love to hear about your Spring Break.  Please leave me a comment below or write me at Letitia.Suk@gmail.com.


1 Response to “10 Fun Ways To Enjoy YOUR Spring Break”

  1. 1 selah April 2, 2012 at 3:56 PM

    yay for shopping!

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