About seven Mother’s Days ago, my sweet co-parent asked me how I wanted to celebrate the day…Go out? Barbecue? Do something fun?
Anything? When he nodded, I pounced on the opportunity… I want help in the garden!
Voila! Garden-O-Rama debuted and we have re-enacted it every Mother’s Day since.

I am one of those girls who would love to have an English garden or a “cottage” patch or actually, any plethora of flowers show up in my backyard. Truth be told, I really want a gardener to go with the garden, the kind that show up in the English novels on their bicycles.

I love the notion of pouring over seeds and bulb catalogs, and starting little pots on my kitchen window sill but I’m only enamored by the idea, not actually doing it. Last year in a burst of horticulture creativity I planted peat pots with expensive tomato seeds in high hopes of a bountiful yield mid-July then I forgot to water them and they all died.
Don’t get me wrong, by July 1st , tomato plants will be in the ground after I buy them on sale and by September they might be ready. Till then, I will support someone else’s gardening efforts at the Farmer’s Market.
Meanwhile, I want flowers. Gorgeous, fragrant, low maintenance flowers that plant themselves, make that pick themselves out so I don’t have to figure out if I have shade or sun. Why is that such a big deal?
Can you see why I need help?
Here is how Garden-O-Rama works in case you want to try it next year or even next weekend.
First we choose the plants. I enjoy shopping at a neighborhood garden center rather than a chain store that sells plants but whatever works is fine. I like geraniums and petunias for window boxes.
In the early afternoon my available adult children show up and after a little Mother’s Day banter, we all head outside and grab shovels, rakes, clippers, and start digging, raking and trimming.
We usually provide assorted snacks and drinks and often a meal after the work is done. Some years I just want a milkshake 🙂
Loud 60’s music provides the soundtrack to energize and entertain the gardeners and in a few hours the landscape looks hopeful.
Done! Now I am on my own again for the rest of the season to weed and water so who knows how it will all turn out but Garden-O-Rama sure is a fun way to get started.

4 Responses to “Garden-O-Rama”

  1. 1 Sonya Seng May 14, 2012 at 7:10 PM

    Tish, this is a great idea! Thank you from me and my soon-to-be-garden!

  2. 3 Lynn Moore May 14, 2012 at 10:35 PM

    It sounds like a lovely Mother’s Day!
    Lynn Moore

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