10 Best Days

A friend of mine mentioned a novel she liked called, “The 10 Best Days of My Life.”  I wasn’t crazy about the book but I loved the concept of reflecting on 10 best days of my own life.

Now if you would ask my children, they would tell you I often use the expression, “That was the BEST day!” …so I found it a fun challenge to call out which ones really stand out as the best of the best in a lifetime of days.

I decided to ask Tom before I thought about it too much…”What have been the best days of our life together?”  40 years provides a lot of candidates for the honor.  We quickly listed our wedding day, the birth of each of our four kids, their two weddings, the day each of our three grandchildren came into the world.  That was 10 right there!

So we took all those off the table and started coming up with 10 other best days.  We didn’t always agree on if a certain day made the top 10 but we enjoyed the reminiscing.

Then I looked back over my own life for “Best Days.” Like my birthday for one, fabulous time with friends, the day my first book arrived off the presses, my personal retreat at the ocean last year and First Communion Day pictured below, one of the most splendid days of my childhood.

I decided to keep my top 10 list somewhat fluid…SOME of the top 10…just too hard to pin down for all-time certainty.

Try it!  When you nominate your top 10, celebrate each one,  give thanks and start looking for the next one to add to the list.

Hope for the best.


2 Responses to “10 Best Days”

  1. 1 lilytemmer May 17, 2012 at 10:58 AM

    What a cutie you were! and still are. Tish, this is a great post, I am thinking now, and I know that some of the best or at least most memorable were when I would stop holding on to failing things and surrendered my will to God–everything changed for the better on all occasions but I am still as stubborn as a mule!

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