Seeking Sabbath

If you took a stroll in my neighborhood yesterday, you might have noticed me taking a nap in my back yard.  Settling the chase under the tree and sinking into the old comfy cushions announced the prelude to a delicious 90 minute segment of the day.

It was Sunday after all and I try to be intentional about keeping the Sabbath.

For me, Sabbath involves making a choice to change the pace from the rest of the week. After coming home from church each Sunday, I usually do nothing productive.  Like plugging my phone into its charger, I know by the end of the day I am filled and ready to go again.

No “finishing a little work”, no extra housework, no meetings, and I mostly stay off the phone and the computer.

The day usually includes reading the piled-up newspapers from the week, catching a nap or taking a walk or both, getting lost in a book and watching TV in our “shows” season…especially “The Amazing Race!”

Did I mention we are empty-nesters?

Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” (Exodus 20:8) might be the most ignored commandment.  So easy to dismiss as “cultural” or “subject to interpretation” that we might miss one of God’s best ideas altogether.

Remembering it is easy, I am still figuring out the “keeping it holy” part.  I experiment with longer prayer time, keeping a book in the Holy Basket just for Sunday reading, and trying to listen more for the stirrings of the Spirit.  Life-giving, not literal defines the style.

Some Sundays are more Sabbath-filled than others but I am enjoying the process of discovery and almost always satisfied at the end of the day.

And you?


2 Responses to “Seeking Sabbath”

  1. 1 lilytemmer June 11, 2012 at 10:24 AM

    You are a wise woman, Tish. I have recently figured this out too, Sundays are for doing nothing–it’s amazing how refreshing this tactic is. But really, I think you keep every day holy, because God moves through you always.

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