YOUR 200 Years of Influence

Someone once pointed out to me that we each get about 200 years of influence…the lifespan between our grandparents and grandchildren.  Our life overlaps them both for five generations.

Heavy deep and real  thought right?

At first I was skeptical, how can that be?  My four grandparents died between my 3rd and 26th year.  I have strong memories of three of them and photos of my beloved grandfather and me who died when I was three.

How much influence did I impart to each of them?  Plenty… according to my mom who witnessed the day when our lives began to overlap.  Now that I am a grandparent I totally get that.

I’m sure the same is true for you.

So that’s the first 100 years looking back.  Mine started in 1898 when my grandmother Opal Arlington White was born.200 years


I keep this on my dresser to remind me.

The second hundred years goes forward, the lifespan of your grandchildren.  My three, and hopefully more someday, are shaped in part for the rest of their lives by their interaction with me.  My youngest grandchild, Lydia, is pictured here.

I expect some of my grandchildren will still be living in 2108 so there’s 200 years.

Kind of impactful don’t you think?

Each of us get our own 200 years, hopefully many still ahead.  Even if you don’t/won’t have grandchildren, some children in that generation are feeling your influence today.

What a privilege and opportunity…and so much fun!


Hope for the Best,



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