The Thrill of the Pre-Owned

I can drive past one of the sleekest high-end shopping malls in our area and barely notice.  Put a “Yard Sale” sign on my route to anywhere and my pulse quickens and endorphins flood.

Like running downstairs on Christmas morning, I quickly pull over to check out this latest offering of pre-owned goods.  “Just looking” satisfies my inner shopanista but bringing a little something home is the best.

Our home is lovingly furnished with my finds, my daughters call it the “Eclectic Americana” style.  When someone notices something new, I can almost always proudly boast that it came from my favorite store…a garage sale.

Here is my latest find…Although the chaise came from one garage sale, the cushions from another and the table from a third.  I am quite infatuated with white wicker!

Toting something home provides the serendipitous opportunity to prepare a place for it.  Perhaps a room needs to be cleaned to better show-off the new addition.  Sometimes a drawer gets emptied of the old to get ready for the “new.”  A delightful way to conduct homecare!

When something doesn’t fit in, it’s off to, a fun community to pass on what you don’t need.

It’s not just saving money that propels me. I love the thrill of love at first sight, like my chaise, the lovely antique desk in my office, the blue and white dishes in my (also pre-owned) china cabinet, most of the clothes in my closet.

I like to say that even if I came into a million dollars, I would still go to a garage sale the next weekend.  I haven’t yet had a chance to try out that theory!

Do you share my pre-owned passion?


2 Responses to “The Thrill of the Pre-Owned”

  1. 1 jan peterson June 25, 2012 at 1:03 PM

    most definitely do have a passion for the pre-owned!!! we live for
    yard sale season. i think it must be the thrill of the hunt, similar to how hunters and fishermen feel. most of my stuff comes from a yard sale or thrift store.
    when we go on vacation, the first thing we do is look up thrift stores in the area. what a blast! if i get tired of looking at something around the house, i usually put it in my own yard sale or donate it to “a new leash on life” which is a thrift store to raise money for the humane society in our area. i also use freecycle. i got a wonderful park bench from a lady who did not want it anymore. when i got sick of the limestone rocks in my back yard, i put them on freecycle, and they went fast!

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