Three Components of a Good Tradition

Most of us participated in some sort of tradition on the 4th of July even if that only meant hearing the boom of someone else’s fireworks.

I hope your intentionality went a little further than that.

Traditions hold high value to me. Ask my kids, we have a LOT of them!

Traditions are part of the fiber of continuity that links the past to the present, gives hope for the future.  They provide a rhythm to our day to day…season to season. We know the script and that is very comforting…and not just for our kids.

Opening ceremonies is one of our Family Traditions

But how do you decide which traditions to keep?

Well that’s an hour long presentation I would love to give to your group but meanwhile, here are a few tips.

A Good Tradition is:

Chosen…wait, don’t you just do it?  Maybe at first but for it to be a GOOD one, it must be a choice. That means whatever you choose must fit you and your family including your time and your budget.  Review often.

Enjoyed…Seems like a duh but many of us have endured traditions that we just didn’t like…trying to fit too many events in a day, food you no longer like, staying up too late.  Ask yourself:  Are you still having fun?  Is this meaningful?

Flexible…Circumstances will occur that will change your best laid plans, count on it.  Cars break down, kids/you get sick, and job changes lead to schedule changes.  That doesn’t even include the biggies like new locations and changes in the composition of the family.  A good tradition will survive all attempts to sabotage it.

How do traditions flow in your family?


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