My “Permanent Revolution”

45 Summers ago I fell in love…not with Tom….that came a couple of years later.

20 years old, full of myself but spiritually empty, I landed on the campus of Denver University to take a couple of classes.  Didn’t know a soul, just how I wanted it.

My Illinois college spring was marked with demonstrations and war protests and then Kent State.  All I thought I believed in felt questionable, God especially.  My young-girl faith couldn’t quite bridge the gaps.  The mountains seemed like a safe place to hide or find myself again.

Next to my dorm sat Evans Chapel.  Same John Evans that founded my town, Evanston, but of course I couldn’t see that far ahead.  The small aisle inside the chapel allowed me to stretch out and cry for help, if anyone was listening.320px-Evans_Memorial_Chapel

Evans Chapel (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Apparently someone was.  As I exited the chapel, a guy handed me this leaflet called, The Permanent Revolution.  I handed it back and told him “no more revolution.”  He volleyed…”This is a revolution of the heart.”  I countered… I was also done with religion.  “No problem, this is Relationship.”  I desperately wanted relationship.

And then I fell in love.  Not with the guy (I never saw him again) but with Jesus.  OK, so it wasn’t love at first sight but by the end of the summer I didn’t want to break up.

We’re still together.  He knows all my quirks and loves me anyway.  I get mad but don’t walk out.  Our communication skills are pretty good after all this time.

Honestly, some of the “relatives” drive me crazy but my faith is not about them, it is about Him.

I plan to keep this up forever.


2 Responses to “My “Permanent Revolution””

  1. 1 jan peterson July 23, 2012 at 4:08 PM

    oh tish! i remember this story…in fact, i was just telling my daughter, nancy about it just a few weeks ago! she was asking about that picture of me at wiu that you posted. so i explained how i got to know you, and then tom. across the miles and the years…your old friend jan

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