Slow down August!

As a lover of summer, I feel rudely intruded upon by all those brash back-to-school ads attacking my mailbox while I’m at the beach. Like Christmas trees in the malls in September, it just feels wrong.

I’m choosing to stay in the moment, it is only August, 1/3 of the season we wait all year for still to enjoy.

While most of Europe is on vacation, I want to enjoy the delights the one stretch of the year offers when it seems OK to do as little as possible.August is also the only month without an official holiday…time to make your own, don’t you think?

I know for many of you, the end of this month will bring back- to-school frenzy. It will probably feel that way regardless of how many pencils and rulers you stock-piled, and BTW, there is always another sale.

My life coaching advice, if I may, is…Fill yourself up NOW with life-giving pursuits to draw on when one more school supply run, Target trip, or call to the school counselor feels like a crisis. Good self-care yields good other-care. Just like at the ATM, you have to put in so you can take out.

Playing with our grandchildren at the pool

Have you read your summer novel yet? Flagged down the ice cream truck? Had a glass of iced tea on the patio with a new magazine? Watched your favorite movie outside? Checked out that bike trail? Visited that cute al fresco café for lunch? Splashed in a pool (YES!)?

OK, my list isn’t all checked off either.  Let’s grab our calendars and fill in some fun. 31 days till Labor Day!


1 Response to “Slow down August!”

  1. 1 Lauralea Suess August 2, 2012 at 12:48 PM

    Love the picture of you–grandchildren help us play. And great reminders of the playing still to come in August. I , for one, am going to find an outdoor movie!

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