Good Fences/Good Neighbors

My husband sometimes refers to our 90 +-year-old house as “The Golden Gate Bridge Project.”  By the time the bridge is finally painted, it is time to go back and do it again.

Our white picket fence was just that project.  Built by Tom’s hands sometime in the 80’s, a picket was always breaking, paint chipping, and slowly the whole structure started to collapse…a while back.

Each winter we would resolutely decide to replace it and in early summer plan a vacation instead.  Tom would repair a few pickets and slap some paint on. Done!

With the advent of our son’s wedding in a few weeks, replacing the fence moved to top priority.  Our kids, who toddled around as it went up, now showed up to take it down.  This time our 4 year old grandson joined the team.

The new one is almost done and one more Saturday should be enough to call it complete.

2012 August 006

Almost done!

While our fence is going up, new relationships are also being built.  A fence, by its very nature is designed to keep others out but our fence project seems to be letting the neighborhood in.  Passer-bys comment on how good it looks. At a recent neighborhood event we were identified as, “the ones with the new fence.” Neighbors who formerly walked on by now stop to chat about the progress.  Our fence even received a Congratulations card from a neighbor!

I’m not sure if that’s what Robert Frost meant by his famous line, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” but I think he would be pleased.


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