Walking Destination: Grace

Hard to read anything on health or wellness or living longer without a reference to the benefits of walking…one of our earliest learned motor skills.

I don’t need convincing to walk for my optimal cardiac performance, to fuel me with more energy, or to trim inches or at least millimeters off of my “trouble spots.”

What gets me out of bed in the mornings, however, isn’t about living longer or leaner (although I am hopeful for both) but a more ethereal motivation. Somewhere between the first step out of the car to the last one on the path, I walk into Grace.

Something about the fluid motion of movement without the interruption of home distractions seems to invite me to engage in the sights and sounds of the morning.   I can listen to music anywhere, but the sounds of the waves and the lakeside birds can only be heard here so I leave my headphones behind.

After the first few hundred steps (measured by pedometer of course, I’m not counting), prayer and pondering displace to-do’s and other anxious thoughts and I settle into the rhythm of the walk into Grace.

Usually I head to what only I call, “Inspiration Point,” the end of the Church Street pier.  My favorite place to focus on the water without seeing land and noisy enough from the waves that I can shout my hopes, dreams and thanks before turning around and heading back.  Don’t worry, if you or anyone else is nearby, I speak all that in silence.

“Inspiration Point”

By the time I get home, the day’s list still waits but my cardio is surely strengthened and so is my Heart.

Are you a walker?


4 Responses to “Walking Destination: Grace”

  1. 1 Kristy Hamilton August 16, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    Oh Tish, I share your sentiments about walking. For me there’s something about walking and talking, for even when I walk alone, I find that I talk to God about life, and do so out loud whenever possible. There is a flow of conversation partly because I am not distracted by other tasks. This IS the task at hand. I talk as if I was talking with one of my girlfriends, sorting out my thoughts, prayers, giving thanks, and recognizing God’s grace in my life. I also enjoy the short exchanges with others who are out and about, and put in a word for them. GRACE

  2. 3 Debra Davis August 16, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    I love to walk. Alone if necessary, in company if possible. I think, I pray, I sing. Sometimes the hardest thing about walking is just having the resolve to step outside the door, especially when I come home tired after a long day in the classroom.
    In my ideal world I would always be able to walk in the mornings but the reality of life as a teacher means late afternoons, at least Monday through Friday. But I have never yet come back from a walk and regretted having gone.
    … and now I’d better get going if I’m going to get a walk in before dark~!

  3. 4 Letitia Suk August 19, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    I commend your intentionality to walk after work, wish we could take one together!

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