Two Essentials for New Moms

I am speaking at three MOPS groups for young Moms in the next week and this post is for you!

In and out of the stroller, in and out of the car seat, in and out of diapers, some days it seems like all you do is move a baby around!  Even the most energetic moms can tire from all that action and long for a break with or without a friend.

Support and Solitude, two essentials for moms that don’t usually show up on the must-have checklist items for newborns but ask any vintage mom and she’ll tell you how important they are.  Sometimes the best way to take care of the baby is to take care of you.

Making a point to stay in touch with friends can give you perspective, laughter and help for the melt-downs ahead.  Checking out existing support networks in your church, community or neighborhood will let you in on what’s already available or encourage you to start your own.

Each of us needs a personal 911 we can call for immediate help like your own mom, close friend, understanding husband, or older experienced mom. Like the emergency phone numbers we submit to schools, keep the numbers handy to use as needed.

The flip side, especially for introvert moms, is solitude.  At our first pediatrician’s visit with our newborn, the doctor handed my husband a prescription for four hours off each week for me!  I don’t ever remember getting an entire block of four hours in those early months but doctor’s orders gave me the permission to plan time away.  I always came back from the time away a renewed mother with more energy for the week ahead.

Time in solitude can look like tea and a magazine in another part of the house, breakfast or lunch out alone, bookstore browsing, walking, or taking a nap to name a few options.  This also is a great opportunity for daddy bonding time.  Trading time off with friends  also works well, especially when the children are old enough to enjoy being together.

Often just knowing that a time of support or solitude is coming up can help you through a hard day.  What may feel like one more thing to do will usually reap great rewards in your family life.  (First published 20 years ago)

Back in the day before Christa was born when I was a young Mom!


2 Responses to “Two Essentials for New Moms”

  1. 1 Kelly Brown Vallicelli September 17, 2012 at 5:51 PM

    Great advice! I believe it was at your advice that I bought a decaf latte and took a weekly stained glass class during that young mother stage. It was my creative outlet and my time alone and I love that it still hangs in my living room.

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