Prayer by the (Photo) Book Part 2

Monday I introduced the idea of “Prayer by the Photo Book” as a creative way to pray for your family.  Here’s how it works…

Start with a small loose-leaf binder and paper of your choice.  On one side of the page, stick  a current favorite photo of each family member and on the opposite page, list your big-picture prayers for each one.  Stuff like wisdom, faithfulness, life direction, safety, spouses, etc.

I start with a smiling photo of myself and list about six of the thousands of ways I would like God to transform me and use me. Otherwise, it’s too easy just to stay with current crises.

The next page is for my husband, his photo on the left side, list on the right side of how he would like God to work in his life and work.  Each turn of the page features another family member, photo on the left, list on the right.  Each winter I change the photos and update the lists.

After the family pages is a page with for my extended family, my small group from church, a few close friends, and my work.   Photos in this section help me focus as well.

The last page is for current prayer requests.  The couple who just got married, the guy from church fighting brain cancer, the son of a friend looking for a job. If someone asks me to pray for a situation, formerly I might have forgotten about it, now it goes on the list.

Recently a friend asked me to pray often for her daughter.  I told her I would but it would help if I had her picture.  It’s in the back pocket now and I will remember!


2 Responses to “Prayer by the (Photo) Book Part 2”

  1. 1 jan peterson September 27, 2012 at 10:22 PM

    and…when i see a van or a car filled with children, i say a little prayer that the family will get home safely. in turn, i hope someone will say a prayer to get my grandchildren home safely.

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