Detail Dilemmas (or oops I did it again!)

My daughters are quick to remind me of the time(s) when I forgot to put baking powder in the waffles or the cake or any number of kitchen catastrophes ( I don’t like to measure.) Truth be told, there are a number of family stories that involve me missing a minor point here and there with some interesting consequences.  Sometimes I just move too fast to catch all the details. Don’t you?

Now just like you, I am very organized about many facets of my life, especially things really important to me.  But there are other things that get a bit scattered.  My theory is that is the story of all of our lives.

I have kept my act clean for some time now, or at least didn’t get caught, until last Friday morning.  Tom and I arrived at O’Hare in plenty of time for our 9:20 flight to Austin to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  In fact, I felt proud of my morning organization.  “No rushing” is my mantra for this fall.

While we waiting in the security line, I glanced at my boarding pass and noticed two letters I previously missed PM.  No need to rush because we were 13 hours early for the flight!

I think I murmured one of my favorite words, WOW, and pointed out the not-so-minor-detail to my dear husband.  We quickly exited the security line and headed to the counter where I humbly explained our dilemma.  Three hours and a few flight delays later, our stand-by status cleared and we boarded.

Our “new plan” involved dressing for the party in the airport bathrooms and arriving fashionably late but it really did all work out. it usually does!   Living that down in the family will take a while though.

Tom and I, Cindy and my brother Brad at the party

My takeaway:  It is best to know the details before choosing to disregard some of them and meanwhile, Hope for the Best.


2 Responses to “Detail Dilemmas (or oops I did it again!)”

  1. 1 Cath October 3, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    Loved this! I could have written it with a few different stories : D I love your sharing. We would be good friends if we lived closer. Keep up the good work of encouraging others with Jesus’ abundant life.

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