My Segway to YES!

Going on a Segway tour sounded like fun, in theory.  My daughter and her husband tried it downtown and loved it and I notice tourists breezing by now and then and they seem in no great danger. I relegated the notion to “things I say I would like to try but probably won’t.”  Like how I felt about sushi before I sampled it. (I like it)

So when the idea came up last weekend in Austin, I cautiously agreed to come along. Our group gathered for the orientation from our peppy guide who kept turning herself around on her segway all the while she talked.  Not too reassuring.

I think she picked up my reticence and offered to give me a “little time’” to get used to it before we took off.  Did you know that segways do not have an off/on button?  They are ALWAYS on.  To stay still one must keep their feet rocking in place.  I was much better at rolling than rocking.

Everyone else seemed to quickly grasp the concept of lean forward to go forward and lean back to stop but my terror mounted as I caught a glimpse of the hill right in front of us, the first leg of the tour.

I knew they would all understand if I bailed.  I could claim my not-yet-year-old-knee-replacement or my slight scoliosis. Then my nephew asked our guide how old was her oldest participant.  The answer was a 93-year-old lady

All of a sudden, I was competing with someone who wasn’t even there, if she could do it, I could do it and I took off down the hill.

Thank you, 93-year-old lady, for reminding me who I am and how I want to live my life…leaning forward.

PS  Hope for the Best is “on assignment” on Washington Island.  Back next Thursday.


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