Capturing the (Extra)Ordinary

Have you ever noticed that when a good idea drops in the best course of action is to act IMMEDIATELY?

24 years ago today I had one such idea.  My life was defined by acts of service to my young children…10, 8, 6, 2 years old.  Day after day flowed by in what I call the long “blur” season of my life.  All of my energies focused on maintaining crowd control and doing the next thing.

I loved the sweet time with my precious ones and knew deep foundations were being laid but wondered if any of us would remember any detail from these days.

Then the idea came!

October 15, 1988.  A most random nondescript day.  Somewhere in the gap between school’s end and dinner’s beginning, the thought danced into my mind to start recording the ordinary beginning with todayinstead of the beginning of the month, next week or whenever.

Had I stopped to start one more load of laundry or added another plate to the dishwasher, the idea would have receded for another 6.5 years or so.  You know how that goes right?

But instead, I herded them all up and into our big van and drove to the closest book store to buy a blank book and began to record the events of  each day in a couple of sentences.

The first recorded day included brief details of who the kids played with, what we had for dinner…Little Caesar’s Pizza, and what we did in the evening…watched the first game of the World Series, Dodgers vs Oakland A’s.

Note…no emotion details, just the facts, M’am.

And so it continues, day after day for 24 years.

I opened volume 23 this morning to record a few lines about yesterday…Went to church, uploaded photos, dropped off a gift to our granddaughter, made pumpkin soup and watched 60 Minutes and The Amazing Race.

Short, Simple, Satisfying.

The volumes are always accessible unlike my prayer journal and function as our family’s personal Google Search.  Who did I go to that dance with?  Why did I go to the ER junior year? What year did we go to Aunt Jean’s for Thanksgiving?  All the answers and more are in the journals.

I do wonder what other ideas got away in that season of life but so glad this one didn’t.

Enjoy the Little Things for one day you may look back and realize they were the Big Things.  Robert Brault.


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