Blue Screens and other Laments

Oh so silly of me!  Storing all my precious photos on an old computer and not taking the time to back up.  True confession:  I owned a new EASY back up device and even then kept putting it off.  Sort of like the time years ago when I ran out of gas because I was so sure I could go a bit further.

When the blue screen showed up I still believed a simple restart would take care of it.  Didn’t that work in the past?  When that trick failed, I begrudgingly dropped it off at a local shop and awaited the cheery phone call that all was well and inexpensive at that.

Cost me $150 to find out the computer was not coming back home.  Lucky for me and my posterity, they created a hard drive file with (hopefully) all the photos.

My dear husband hasn’t once said “I told you do” but he did, many times.

Being somewhat of an “introspect-er,” I wondered what else might be failing due to lack of back-up.

  • Do I have some relationships that need a back up phone call or note?
  • Should I get serious about strength training to back up my aging muscles?
  • How long can my car really go without an oil change?
  • When was the last time I threw something into the emergency back-up account?

I so love getting on to the next thing.  What a struggle sometimes to stay in the moment just one more moment to finish a task… like backing up my photos or wiping down the counter or hanging up the clothes or any myriad of last steps in a project.

Maybe I got it this time but maybe not.

What do you think?


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