Do You Need a Bedtime Ritual?

All these studies focusing on our corporate lack of sleep are getting a bit, shall we say, tiring?

Perhaps the time-honored remedy which works for our children might be the answer for our sleep-woes: A personal bedtime ritual.

Sounds enticing?

Try these 8 steps for a few nights and see if you sleep better.

  1. Start before you are exhausted.  Sometimes we are just too tired to get ready for bed.  Instead of pushing the “snooze” button, we push the “stay awake” button.  Try washing your face, flossing your teeth, etc, an hour or so before you’re ready to go to bed.  BTW, choose an actual bed time.
  1. Say goodnight to whoever is around to declare your intention of going to bed.  If you live alone, create a turn-out-the-lights ritual that signals you are done using those rooms.
  1. Like your bedtime products.  Might sound crazy but investing in quality, nice smelling products for cleansing and moisturizing along with carefully chosen floss, toothbrush and paste can make the whole pre-bedtime experience more pleasurable.
  1. Change into comfortable and cute pajamas.  Save the tee shirts and sweats for sick days. Most of us don’t buy new PJ’s often enough.  Good to have several pairs to alternate.

  1. Make your bed in the morning so you can turn it down at night.  Put a chocolate on your pillow if it helps you but then you have to go through the teeth thing again.
  1. Invest in a good reading lamp.  Rearrange your bedroom if needed to accommodate good placing of the light.
  1. Choose a good book for your bedside that you will only read at night.  This is important so you will look forward to getting into bed to read.
  1. Count your blessings from the day and give thanks.


(Adapted from Rhythms of Renewal by Letitia Suk)

2 Responses to “Do You Need a Bedtime Ritual?”

  1. 1 Diane November 1, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Thanks! I made a new purchase…would have been 2 if they’d had my size…and thought of you. And I’m not done. : ) Good ideas! #3 and #7 are next.

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