Your BONUS hour is here: Claim Quickly!

Your wish has come true, you really will have an extra hour in a day! Before you mindlessly reset the clock on Sunday, think of all the things you would love to do if you had an extra hour and do one of them!

I have a ritual of keeping one clock on daylight savings time until sometime during the day when I can enjoy my gift of a FREE hour. At that time I announce that the next hour belongs to me and spend it lavishly.

Some years this hour’s spent taking a long walk, reading a fun book, working on photo books, having tea with a friend. At the end of the hour, set the clock back to the real-time and you’re on schedule with the rest of the world again!

I spent the most memorable extra hour a few years ago developing a “Life List”..also known by some as “Bucket List”….all the things I hope to yet do in my life from the mundane (learn how to French braid) to the exotic (visit all the oceans). That list now gets frequent review as a planning tool as I look ahead.

This is how I would like to spend my hour!

Choose carefully how to use your extra hour, you won’t get this opportunity again for a whole year!

What about the hour you lose in the spring? Just pick something you DON’T want to do that takes about an hour and don’t do it!



2 Responses to “Your BONUS hour is here: Claim Quickly!”

  1. 1 Franci Henderson November 2, 2013 at 7:59 PM

    I think I’ll read with my extra hour! I love your idea about picking something I don’t want to do when I lose an hour next spring and not doing it. I think I’ll pick….housework….oh wait, it’ll still be there waiting for me.

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