5 Things to Know about Raising Kids: Know YOUR Child

Most families have high maintenance and low maintenance kids, introverts and extroverts, go-getters and laid-backers.   Toilet training, sleep issues, motivation, discipline, are all arenas where differences show up.

The principles of training a child in all these areas and more are the same.  Parent with unconditional love, constant prayer, spiritual instruction, and with definite goals in mind of mastery of life tasks.

Which specific techniques are the most effective, however, can vary considerably from child to child.

Birth order is always a factor as there are predictable behaviors that coincide with a child’s place in the family order. Check out Kevin Leman’s, “The Birth Order Book”

Your child’s learning style is another piece.  Concrete learners need everything  spelled out, whereas random learners catch on easily.  “The Way They Learn” by Cynthia Tobias helped me understand so much more.

One way this showed up in our home was in the area of room cleaning.  “Clean your room” is a simple enough request for many kids.  Not for the “concrete” ones though.  What I assumed was disobedience was actually confusion about the task.  When I wrote down, “This is what cleaning a room means” with a detailed list attached, it got done.

You also generally know if your child is an arguer, a negotiator, dramatic, comical or critical.  Parent accordingly and watch the positive change your family dynamic.

For example… Is your child an Academy Award performer:  very dramatic, melt downs, makes scenes? DON’T join the performance but DO stay quiet, calm, lower your voice, speak slowly, take a break as needed and realize she is probably overwhelmed too.

YOU are the expert on your own child and are in the best place to know what will be the most effective strategies for parenting that child.


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