Happy St Nicholas Day: Are your Shoes Out?

st-nicks-shoesNeither are mine but when my husband was a child, his heroic mom of 9 children managed to fill each one’s shoes with a special treat the morning of Dec 6 so St Nick could make his first run-through.

Did you know Nick was a real-life bishop who had a reputation for secret gift-giving?  He liked to put coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him, especially the poor.

Some Christmas customs, like celebrating St Nick’s Day survive for generations, others drop off or transform into new traditions.  As a self-proclaimed traditionalist, I think we need both!

This year I am trying three new things:

1)     Small poinsettias in each room.  They are cheap and colorful and don’t need unpacking and are easily tossed after the holiday or when you get tired of them in February.

2)     Attaching a photo of the recipient instead of a gift tag. I have a huge supply of never used photos and it’s easy to cut out just one person to use as a tag.  Older photos are even more fun!

2012 Christmas Tags

3)     Do you send out holiday newsletters?  I stashed a copy of each of our past letters into a file and decided to put them into a red binder for display.  Office supply stores sell packages of letter size sheet protectors already punched with three holes.  Fun to look back over our highlights each year.

How about you?  Trying anything new?

Hope for the best,



2 Responses to “Happy St Nicholas Day: Are your Shoes Out?”

  1. 1 Missy December 7, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    Hi Aunt Tish! I have to say, this is the first year I have been introduced to St. Nick. As a child, we never celebrated this day unlike my DH. So he (DH) took it upon himself to celebrate St. Nick’s Day with our kids. Having no idea what this entails, he had gone out (not sure when) on his own and bought each kid a small gift, candy, and of course an orange (they have been good this year) to fill their socks. When they were asleep, he set out their socks in front of their bedroom doors so when they woke they would see them. I should also mention that he discussed this with our DS the night before so he knew when he woke that he was either going to get an orange or a lump of coal in his sock. I now believe it is such a sweet tradition and am thankful for having him start this with our family.

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