May you have an Intentional New Year!

2013I think I am probably about the last one to leave the Christmas party but I am finally out the door.  The boxes are shut, the cards sorted, the gifts put away and all that is left is to sort through the photos, a fun task not to rush.

As a life coach you would think now I would be all about resolutions, goals, spreadsheets for tracking life change but I am feeling a little soft this year.  I am choosing Intention over Resolution, Themes over Goals.

I want to show up more and stay in the moment longer. Hard to quantify that on a goal sheet. I want to tune in to what God is doing in my circle of life and jump right in until he does the next thing and then hopefully notice we are onto something else.

Like most of the rest of us, I still long for an empty in-box, a few less pounds and order in the closets and files and believe my intention for those tasks will go a lot farther than mere wishing.  I do love my to-do lists and will no doubt faithfully write them every morning but I am more contemplating the to-be lists.

Seven days into the new year, my view is still only a couple of days ahead. No big dates circled on the calendar yet and although I generally adore big dates, I am quite content.

The Epiphany season began yesterday.  Besides the Christian Feast Day it also means…  “A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.”  Delicious, right?

May your New Year be full of sudden manifestations and happy moments!


4 Responses to “May you have an Intentional New Year!”

  1. 1 sandyboller January 7, 2013 at 6:46 PM

    Once again, Tish, we seem to be sensing similar seasons…I decided to title my journal this year: Life On Purpose/ Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday. I am more content to stay with the moment, moments and quite passionate about lingering in solitude and silence before moving outward. And yes, Epiphany is ‘delicious’!

  2. 3 bronx51 January 7, 2013 at 10:07 PM

    When I had encephalitis in 1992, I was unable to write a straight sentence because my brain was a bit like scrambled eggs. One day I was able to write, “What will I BE if I cannot DO?” I truly faced the challenge of not being able to do all the things I had done before the disease.

    God used that time in my life to show me that I could intentionally work on BEING joyful; loving; patient; kind; creative; caring; faithful; joyful; a good friend; a loving wife; a careful parent; a wise soul. Intentionality in BEING has a long-range effect, lasting even into eternity. DOING is sometimes only worthwhile until the next time your closets become a mess – again.

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