10 Favorite Books of 2012

Eclectic BookshelfSo do you like to glance at the bookshelves in other people’s homes?  I love to ask people what they are reading to help discover more about them as well as serendipitously stumble upon my new favorite title.

Since the end of the year, I have been trying to nail down my 10 favorite books from 2012 of the 40 or so I read.  Since I went to all that trouble, I thought I would share them with you.

In the order which I read the favorites….

1)     Wonderland Creek:  Lynn Austin.  She never fails to deliver on story telling.

2)     When Parents Text:  Fraioli & Kaelin. The first Kindle book I bought.  Hysterical!

3)     1000 Gifts:  Ann Voscamp.  Transforming.   Read it twice.

4)     Mystically Wired: Ken Wilson.  Fit well in the morning prayer basket.  Loved it.

5)     True Sisters: Sandra Dallas.  I devour all her novels and highly recommend.  The Mormon pushcart migration is the story.

6)     The Book Lover:  Maryann McFadden.  The title drew me in and did not disappoint.

7)     Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake:  Anna Quindlen.  Her memoirs on turning 60.  I think she must have read my journals.

8)     Blackberry Winter:  Sarah Jio.  A back and forth mystery from the 30’s to the present

9)     Midwife of Hope River:  Patricia Harman Also set in the 30’s, this time in Appalachia.  A delicious read, sad to turn the last page.

10)   Unfinished Gift:  Dan Walsh.  Set during WW 2 times.  Stayed on the treadmill a long time reading this on my Kindle. Bought the sequel the minute I finished it but that’s a book on the 2013 list 🙂

Many honorable mentions could be included but then this would be way too long.

Do share your favorites too!


6 Responses to “10 Favorite Books of 2012”

  1. 1 jan peterson January 10, 2013 at 5:38 PM

    is that your bookcase in the picture? as i looked at it, i looked over at mine, and it looks almost identical!
    well, the best book i read this year is “the gift of the ordinary day” by ketrina keniston.

  2. 5 Susan Chaney January 16, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    Tish – thanks so much for the list! I’m a slow reader so I want all my reading recommended by someone I trust so I don’t waste one precious minute – this is tremendously helpful.

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