Order in MY court

Jar of RocksDuring one of my somewhat frequent 3:38-ish AM wakeful times last fall, I felt the quiet yet clear words to “Put the big rocks in first.”  I remembered the lesson-story along the lines of the only way to get a pile of big rocks, small rocks, gravel, sand and water in a jar was to put the big rocks in first and the rest of the stuff would settle around those.

“So what are the big rocks?”  Of course, I wanted the list to appear like a scroll dropping down from heaven in my bedroom but, as usual, God seems to have another way of doing things.

I’ve pondered the idea ever since but I know one of the big rocks is ORDER.

I want to give a quick disclaimer that I am not messy, or at least not in general.  My theory is that most of us would qualify as disorganized about some things and very orderly about others. True of you?

I can get easily nailed on “order” because of the 1000’s of recipes I stash in folders with the hope that one of them might help me enjoy cooking more.  My work-at-home filing is very clear to me but even my husband can’t identify my “system.”

THEN, the photos.  I have a whole area in my house for photo boxes, projects, supplies and generations of pictures.  I really thought I would be done sorting these by now but with the advent of the digital age of photos (I know that was awhile back), it is so easy to keep accumulating and not sorting.

Only God knows what’s ahead and why now for this “big rock” but I never win when we argue and I’m ready.  I will update you along the way and if you would like to join me in your own Order Project, I would love the company.


1 Response to “Order in MY court”

  1. 1 Linda January 22, 2013 at 6:37 AM


    Hope the New Year brings you Order–something I need as well for my decades of photos (actual and digital…)–if you discover a great organization system, please share!!


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