Movie Memoirs

PopcornWish I had kept a list of all the movies I have seen in my lifetime.  I remember the first… “The Ten Commandments” in a movie theatre with my grandmother and the last… “Mao’s Last Dancer” from Netflix on the couch with friends last Saturday night.

I’m not a “film buff” (whatever that is) but I know what I like and don’t pay too much attention to the critics.  I grew up with movie magazines like Photoplay and Motion Picture Story, not too unlike Us Weekly I suppose but they seemed so glamorous!  My friends and I tore out pages we liked and taped them to our walls.

My dad moonlighted at the local drive-in after his day job at the bank so our family went every night he worked. My brothers and I loved hanging out there on the small swing set before the movie started and then laying on the grass and watching “The King and I”, “Annie Get Your Gun” and other family- friendly musicals from the 50’s until the mosquitoes drove us back in the car.  Great memories.

My Mom watched two TV shows a year, the Oscars and Miss America, and let me stay up late with her to wait for the winners as we shared a Pepsi.  No wonder I still love the show!  At 86 she still watches faithfully even though she rarely goes to the movies.

I don’t remember a favorite movie from childhood but I do remember the dill pickles called “Chilly Dillys” sold for 10 cents at the theatres, do you?  Good and Plenty was and still is my favorite movie candy.

I have never seen a Bond movie, shocking I know.  “Hard Day’s Night” failed to impress me in 1964 but I loved “Sound of Music” the following year.  For a long time I claimed “Billy Jack” (1971) as my favorite movie.  Quirky I know.

When pressed now I usually say “Out of Africa” or sometimes “Braveheart.”  Both, like “Billy Jack” feature a strong persona marching to the beat of a different drum and changing the culture along the way.  Interesting.

I probably should update my favorites list but while I like a lot of movies, I am passionate about only a handful.

And you?


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