Happy “March Forth”!

marching_bandA few years ago I was introduced to the holiday of March 4 from my friend Victoria Moran who, of course, heard about it from someone else as most stories go.  In her book, Younger by the Day (Harper San Francisco 2004), Victoria encourages the reader to “Celebrate March 4th by marching forth, moving on, forgiving yourself if you dropped your New Year’s resolutions or never made them. This is a new opportunity, your chance to “March Forth” into something new!

Each of us has an area we need a little shove to “March Forth” in:

  • Taking a leap of faith.
  • Starting the project.
  • Finishing the project.
  • Signing Up.
  • Bowing Out.
  • Grabbing the Ring.
  • Letting Go.
  • Starting Over.
  • Choosing not to be afraid.

So friends, March Forth and I would love to hear where that takes you.

Hope for the Best,



1 Response to “Happy “March Forth”!”

  1. 1 Linda G Hatton March 4, 2013 at 11:27 PM

    I love this! What a great way to get a boost of stamina when New Years’ resolutions don’t seem to be happening fast enough. This is just what I needed to read. Thank you.

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