From the Page to the Stage

Anne signingWhenever I have the opportunity to breathe the same air as someone I admire I try to make it happen so when I read Anne Lamott was coming to town last Friday night I signed up. I spent the early winter mornings in her company as she inspired/challenged me in her short book, “Help, Thanks, Wow” and I thought it was time we met.

As my friend and I waited in the auditorium, I glanced around at the crowd of mostly women gathered and wondered at what point something Anne wrote had also nailed them. She doesn’t beat around the bush.  Wish I could have heard some of their stories too.

The mike didn’t work well so she stood on the stage and loudly implored us… “Don’t hit the snooze button to life” as she alternated reading from her latest book and digressing into her love for Jesus, her beloved church and her family. I loved her definition of “Grace” as buoyancy that comes to lift us up when we think we just won’t make it through.  Her stories captured the illusive alchemy of humor and truth.

I felt the most impact of her words when she pointed to all of us and preached something like… “You keep telling yourself you don’t have time to ______  (whatever it is you know you must bring forth) and one of these days you WON’T have time because there will be no time left.”  I needed to hear that again.  Didn’t you?

Thanks, Anne, and all the others who did take the time to bring their message so I could bring mine.

Hope for the best,


PS On assignment this week, will be back Monday.

2 Responses to “From the Page to the Stage”

  1. 1 Carol Early Cooney April 8, 2013 at 4:20 PM

    I am so glad that you went! She is so interesting and funny and just “out there”.

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