Rites of Spring: Rearranging

1406867_tulipsRearranging my bedroom furniture was always a favorite rite of spring.  On the chosen day, my mom and I pulled my bed, dresser, night stand, book-case and vanity out into the hall to clean the floor.  That was the boring part.

Washing the windows next seemed so grown-up and more rewarding than the floor as I could actually see a before and after difference.

Finally the fun part,  bringing back the furniture.  Each year I tried to find a new place for the bed.  Under the windows?  Next to the door?  Anywhere it would fit was an option, as long as it was a change from last year.  Into the laundry went the heavy bedspread and out of the closet came the lighter weight cotton one.  The night stand had to fit close enough for reading at night but its placement could be played with.

I also loved to spend time changing the display of my precious books.  Lined up by author one year, by category the next, sometimes by size and one time by color.  Those yellow Nancy Drew spines looked so nice next to the other book jackets.  Interspersed with the books were pictures, mementos and my current collection of treasures.  Seashells one year, bells the next.  Each item had to pass my scrutiny, get wiped off, displayed in a new spot or get relegated to the closet for this season.

Ah, the dresser! Until early summer in the Midwest, it was still possible to need a sweater one day and shorts the next so for a while the drawers were bulging with clothes for all seasons.  I enjoyed the sorting out process: of setting aside the pieces that I had outgrown or those that had finally gone out of style and the clothes I just never wanted to wear again.  I greeted my summer clothes like old friends.  My green shorts!  My yellow tank top!  How nice to see you again!

By the end of the rearranging day, the pillows plumped perfectly, books were ready to browse, summer togs waited in drawers and I was sure that THIS TIME I would keep my room neat all summer.  It was a wonderful day.*

Do you rearrange furniture in the spring?

Hope for the Best,


* Adapted from my book,  Rhythms of Renewal  amzn.to/ZnroZO

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