10 Daily Opportunities to Make Intentional Choices (Part 1)

alarm clockAll of our everyday to-do lists include some of the same stuff.  Paying attention to the ordinary daily round is a fine place to create some Intentional choices.

1.  Waking Up…we all do that!  Instead of setting the alarm to allow just enough time to get to work, how else would you like to use your morning?  Writing?  Praying? Walking? Browsing the paper?  Unless you have a little one, you get to choose the time you get up!

  1. Getting dressed. It’s easy to get into a uniform routine most mornings.  Most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  What else is in your closet? Can you take a minute the night before to choose what to wear the next day? What does your wardrobe need?
  1. Breakfast.  Are you a grab and go or drive thru breakfast-er?  Happy with that? Boiling eggs the night before saves time, oatmeal could be waiting in a crockpot, or a previously made frittata ready to re-heat to change-up the morning routine.  Best idea… take yourself out to breakfast.
  1. Work commute.  How much time are you in the car/on the train?  Have you considered taking a different route for variety?  Listening to an audio book?  Riding your bike?  Even a change once or twice a week can make a big difference.
  1. Lunch.  Can you share your lunch break with a friend?  Try take-out from a new place? Work on your novel? Stop by the gym? Work through and leave early one day a week?  Eat outside?

Summer table

All the above?  Yes you can!

Stop by next Thursday for Intentionality ideas for the next five items on your to-do list!

Hope for the Best,



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