Give Me the Moon

736347_fake_moonThere was a lot of hype about the Moon Rising last night.  Truth be told, I had never attended a “Moon Rising” before.  Of course, I was aware it was up there but never thought about sitting captive for its ascent into the sky.

So we planned on making an event out of it,  as the local paper advised,  and were 20 minutes away from driving nearly an hour for a better viewing and tour when it started to rain.

Hopes dashed, on a very small-scale surely, but nonetheless disappointing.  I am familiar with disappointments, crashed expectations on all sorts of levels.

My re-framing skills are highly developed so we waited around awhile for the rain to stop then took off to our local beach.  Same moon minus the tour.

Only nothing was happening.  We stood with other locals and gazed hard at the horizon as the official time came and left.  No moon in sight.  As stragglers headed back to their cars, we decided to give it 10 more minutes.  Still no rising.

As we approached our car, I looked back one more time and noticed a barely imperceptible thin stripe of color in the sky.  “Tom, I think that’s it!”

We hurried back down to the beach with our eyes fixed on the sky and the sliver got brighter and bigger, and bigger.    Super-Moon they call it. Stunning.

We almost missed it… to the rain, then to the timing, then to just giving up.

Makes me wonder about how many other special gifts from God I might have missed along the way because I insisted on it showing up a certain way, in my timing, and when it didn’t, I just gave up.

Wish I could say I learned that lesson for sure but maybe I will wait a little longer next time.

Moon Rise

Lee Street Beach, Evanston

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Give Me the Moon”

  1. 1 bronx51 June 25, 2013 at 12:01 AM

    My friend, this was the scene I saw over the hills of Jordan from where I sat at Masada. I love what you wrote, that sometimes you might have missed God’s gifts because you insisted they show up at a certain time, in a certain way.

    The next morning I was blessed to see the sun RISE at 5:30am. This 62 year old woman is kind of nuts and I went hiking up Masada with most of our team, leaving at 4:15am to beat the heat. It was a very hard climb even though I’ve done it in the past. I did it for Jhan. That was a sight to behold as well. Love, MM

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