Feelin’ a Nudge?

Go!Last week my daughter sent me a link to a camera that was just what I was looking for.  The price was right and I had the $.  I even felt a sense of “just do it” but I didn’t.  Later that day when I came back to it, the deal was gone.

Apparently no lesson learned because yesterday I was shopping rental cars and found a great deal and once again hesitated.  The same car was $350 dollars MORE by late afternoon.

Sometimes the nudge comes to call someone, send an email, or walk across the room to say hi.  Almost always satisfying when I follow the instinct but many times I don’t.  Yesterday I reconnected with an old acquaintance while at the library by following a nudge but missed another one this morning by waiting too long.

Sometimes the window stays open for a bit but some nudges are a one-time-opportunity.  I remember the ones I missed, often with regret.  The sweet neighbor who moved away before I got around to inviting her over, the writing opportunity I never finished, the patient who died before I came back for a visit.  You might have some stories too.

Of course, some nudges that I did follow turned out to have amazing results like volunteering at my church’s food pantry and some ideas were truly duds but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So I am resolving as of today to keep the antenna up, listen for the still voice of the Holy Spirit, trust my years of experience and act quickly.

Maybe you’re feeling a nudge today?  Ready to respond?

Hope for the Best,


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5 Responses to “Feelin’ a Nudge?”

  1. 1 Jane Rubietta July 18, 2013 at 3:53 PM

    Hi, Tish!

    I don’t have a box on my top right of the post you sent!

    BUT I loved the post. Thanks!

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  2. 2 Franci July 18, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    Often when I feel a nudge, it’s a name that comes to mind. Sometimes I hear the name over and over. Sometimes I wake from a sound sleep with the name in my mind. My usual response is to pray. I try to pray until the name stops running around my brain. I can’t say that I’ve ever found out why I was supposed to pray for that person, but it doesn’t really matter. God knows their need. I feel privileged when He asks me to intercede.

  3. 4 lauralea July 19, 2013 at 3:58 PM

    I like this especially because it makes life immensely more adventurous and satisfying to be listening and responding to the nudges. Thanks for the reminder.

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