Compatible? *

1158040_tango_couple_silhouetteMy husband and I went to the library yesterday to choose a recorded book for an upcoming trip. He headed immediately for science and I lingered around fiction.

Like most couples, we found our commonality FIRST then realized later how many ways we were and still are so un-alike.  Book interests, radio stations, styles of doing projects, making plans and certainly shopping are just a few of the areas we  seem cut from very different cloths.   It works out well for us playing on the same Trivial Pursuit team as we have all the categories covered between us.

We even came out the exact opposite scoring on the Myers-Briggs!

In forty years of marriage we have learned to predict the other’s likes/dislikes, interests,   amount of time it will take to get something done and preferred method of whatever. Laughing helps as does acceptance.  Truly, some things just won’t ever change.

In spite of all our glaring differences, we have always agreed on the big stuff:  Following Jesus, shaping intentional family life, being each other’s number one cheerleader and making a difference wherever we can.  We can also read each other’s responses before they happen in those areas.

We left the library with a biography which featured nostalgia (me) & baseball (him) and hope we both enjoy it.  Compromise perhaps, but also an acknowledgement of in the midst of our diverse personal tastes, we want to choose something that will work for both of us.

It takes a long time to learn how to be married.  I wonder how many lessons are waiting in all the years ahead.

Meanwhile, he is going to check in on the Cubs while I curl up with my novel.

Hope for the Best,


* I am celebrating my 40th anniversary (August 18, 1973) all year and will be sharing a few things I have learned along the way on most Mondays.


4 Responses to “Compatible? *”

  1. 1 helenhsm July 22, 2013 at 10:28 PM

    It took Jor and I awhile to find an audiobook that we both wanted to listen to on our trip this weekend. We have trouble with movies at times, too. But we feel like we are still getting closer as the years go by. Thanks for the post.

  2. 3 Mary Nelson November 26, 2013 at 4:06 PM

    Tish, I was rereading your ‘hope for the best’ and I missed this. I have a question–Ross and I are also opposites. I am esfp and he is intj. just curious what you are? Thanks for seeing all the positives in complete opposites. Sometimes, I still feel lonely in my thoughts with him because he just thinks so opposite, but I love the twist you put on it. We together have shared the same heart and passion for so many years on the things that matter most. He is so the man I have always wanted, we do have to work hard at understanding each other though and that gives me feelings of lonlieness in that one spot–if that makes any sense at all. One of Ross’ favorite things to do, is to serve me coffee every morning in my devotional chair. Thanks for all the work you put into your posts.

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