I remember how hot the day was.  Five years ago this week I was home alone as usual writing in my office with the door closed to keep the air-conditioning in. An ordinary routine in an ordinary day.

Suddenly my office door was loudly pounded on…not at all the polite tap one of my family members would have used and besides, they weren’t home.

“It is the Evanston police” boomed the voice.  “Do you know your house was just robbed? ”


I really don’t remember what happened next.  Horrified, I along with the 5 police officers walked through my house.  Nothing seemed amiss until we got to the basement where my daughter’s room was.

Drawers overturned on the floor, the top of her dresser obviously ransacked and a few things dropped as a quick exit had ensued.  Her computer, camera and all her beloved jewelry were gone. Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Turns out my neighbor saw the break-in occur through our old front door and called 911 and the response was immediate.  As the cops pulled up in front, the perps ran out the back door.  A chase ensued and meanwhile the rest of the officers started taking prints, asking questions and calming me down.

My daughter walked in around then and while shocked and furious, was able to give a good description of the stolen items.  I resorted to the only practice I know how to do in a time like this, prayer.  Not the “polite” kind but HELP HELP HELP, my favorite prayer. (

Within 15 minutes, ALL the stuff was recovered in a pillow case, lifted from my house of course, in a neighbor’s yard, and 2 guys were in custody.

Even the police, who were fabulous, BTW, seemed surprised.  “No one ever gets their stuff back that fast. This is quite unusual.”  I remembered my prayers.

My husband had gotten my message by then and came home and we sat around stunned but grateful we were all OK and everything was accounted for.  No one went to work that evening.

ADTOur lawn decor since the break-in

In the ensuing days, we replaced the front door, boarded up some basement windows and signed up with a security service.  It took a little longer to get over the “what-ifs’ of being home while this all transpired and the violation we all felt.  I didn’t stop praying.

Every year in the last week of July it all feels very fresh again.

Have you ever had a break-in?


1 Response to “Break-In!”

  1. 1 GS July 30, 2013 at 6:46 AM

    And one of the perps punched a cop! An important part of the story!

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