Change the air…and your brain!

Ocean Path

“Already I’ve seen that when you’re pulled away from your normal routine, it is as though air and sunlight come into your brain and do a little housecleaning.” –Elizabeth Berg.

I am more than ready for a little brain housecleaning from time to time.  Sitting at my desk, day after day, it is easy to believe the illusion that brain-cleaning is occurring when often the dust balls are merely moving around.

The best way to clear the air and clutter in my head is to walk out the front door.  By the time I turn the first corner, I am already feeling the “air and sunlight” coming into my brain.  In the presence of the sky, the sun (or the moon), grass and trees and even the ambient noises of the outside, perspective begins to shift.

Our tree 7-2013View into our back yard tree

Sometimes I go a little farther.  Last summer I took three afternoons in the slow month of August ( to visit the beach, the Art Institute and the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Just a few hours at each venue but with a collective result of a deeper cleaning out and renewal that carried me into the fall.

Botanic GardenStroll through Chicago Botanic Garden

Once in a while I can leave the normal routine for a longer stretch and enter into a rest that is truly transforming.  Last week I indulged in Rest-oration on the coast of Maine.

I’m back at my desk again now but I know the air and sunlight are always waiting right outside my front door.  No cash, car, or contingency plans needed.

Go as far as you can as often as you can but try each day to at least get around the corner.

You will thank me for pushing you out the door!

August 2013 153On the beach in Maine

Hope for the Best,



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