Does your Home have a Rest Room?

Rest(No, I am not talking about a bathroom!)  “To be Happy at Home is the Result of all Ambition” writes Samuel Johnson.  I find that Happy at Home is more attainable when at least one room feels restful.  Agree?

So what makes a room “restful?” you might ask.  Good question dear reader!  Sometimes it is easier to define what is NOT restful in a room:  i.e. piles of stuff like clothing, paperwork, undone projects, items that belongs in other rooms but never get there.

Bedrooms, the intended room for “Rest” can be the worst offenders. Unmade beds, unwashed clothing, stacks of books no one reads, a trail of empty glasses and used napkins from bedtime snacks and dresser tops full of loose change and pocket memorabilia.

To create a “Rest Room” or two in your home, consider what elements speak “Rest” to you.  Here are a few questions to consider:

  • How much order do you need to feel restful?
  • What kind of lighting soothes you?
  • Does the color of the walls make a difference to you?
  • Will you be listening to music in the room?
  • Do you want reading materials close at hand?  What kind?
  • How about a little table to hold a cup of tea?
  • Would you enjoy art or photographs in the room?
  • What will it take to maintain the restful atmosphere?

Once you have established your living room, bedroom, enclosed porch or other area as your “Rest Room,” use it often to decompress, recharge your spirit, pray, browse a book or magazine, breathe deeply.  Maintain the order at all times.

For the young mothers in the audience, this is especially important for you.  Work hard at keeping one room restful even if the rest of the house is falling apart. I speak from experience, you will need it!

porch-in-autumn-568949-mI feel restful just looking at this photo!

Hope for the best,



2 Responses to “Does your Home have a Rest Room?”

  1. 1 Mary Nelson September 9, 2013 at 4:23 PM

    Love it, finding a restful spot is huge! Thanks Tish

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