Road Trip Reunion

Washington Island  2012 View from the deckI woke up at 5AM Thursday too excited to stay in bed! Like a kid on Christmas morning, I couldn’t wait! (Actually, I am still that way on Christmas morning. )

Three of us, in our 49th year of friendship, along with overflowing bags of fortifications, too many “just in case” clothing items and enough stories to regale the whole five days meandered our way all the way up Door County, Wisconsin. We planned about a half a dozen “required” stops for specialty items – cherry pie at one shop, Italian bread at another, the best local cheese and wine place, and a few more – and boarded a ferry for the 30 minute crossing into Washington Island. (If you would like the back story, check out my blog about our reunion last year )

Our schedule is light…take walks, browse shops, cook, dine for hours, pick at the cherry pie, try to find a garage sale, maybe watch a movie. Repeat the next day. Interspersed with the stories of the year, the family updates, a Sunday visit to the island church and a look ahead to as far as we can see.

Washington Island  2012 Walk in the woodsWalk in the Island woods (Sunset from the deck above)

Maintaining friendships, the kind that last a lifetime, requires a lot of intentionality. Holding a place in your heart open at all times to quickly respond to the drop-in text, email or phone call, keeping track of the stories that have nothing to do with you but shaped their lives in profound ways, staging a prayer vigil during kid, job, and health crises and setting aside one weekend a year are all part of our deal.

I’m back home as of the last 30 minutes and once again, it surpassed any weekend we all shared back in the day.  One last group hug on my front lawn and we said goodbye for another year.

May you be blessed by your own reunions.

Hope for the best,


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