Middle of the Night Meeting

alarm-clock-67318-mI seem to have a standing invitation to a prayer meeting in the middle of the night.   I’m never certain of the start time but no worries because I always wake up right on time.  3:08 is a typical opening bell or sometimes 4:12 or if I go to bed early enough, I get to start around 12:20.

Crazy, but I wake up immediately when the call to order seems to rouse me.  I am very aware of God, the other attendee, and my husband sweetly sleeps through the whole thing. ”What are we praying for tonight?” I mumble in my mind and then get to it.  Sometimes it is one of those random requests I heard throughout the day, a situation I read about on Facebook, something a patient mentioned to me or an item I read in the news. Often, I run through all the always-on-the-list items for my family as an add-on.

The meeting never lasts long.  In fact, every time it starts I wonder if I will ever go back to sleep but I always do.  I must admit, I used to resist the invitation and greeted the wake-up call like a rude intrusion. One night, I decided to cooperate with the agenda and have said YES ever since after I saw how well the meeting flowed.

Unlike other meetings, I found that I can stay right where I am, not even sit up,  and participate just fine.  It’s nice that pajamas are the dress code too!

In case you wake up during the night sometimes too, check and see if there is a meeting going on.  They seem to occur all over the world every night.

Oh and feel free to ask me to pray for you.  I will get to that around 2:43.


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