10 Tips from Empty Nesters

empty-nest-356878-mOur little nest over here on Washington Street recently emptied again.  We have enjoyed our adult children flowing in and out over the years but perhaps this is the real deal.

Most of our friends in this season of life are also straddling the “They’re here/They’re not” fence so I thought I would gather some wisdom from the veterans on how to do this well.

Here are ten pieces of advice from fellow empty-nesters with a few annotations of my own.

10 Tips from Empty Nesters

  1. Don’t go into any place in a conversation where you aren’t invited.
  2. Be available but not pushy. (Let them do most of the initiating.)
  3. Let them know often and without a doubt that you are for them.
  4. Ask if they want an opinion or just a listener. (Hard to remember but very effective.)
  5. No micromanaging!
  6. Adjust to the fact that you’re not going to function as the same nuclear family unit anymore. (Just because you want to schedule a family dinner doesn’t mean they will be there.)
  7. Appreciate the ways that they, as young adults, can enrich your life. (Way too many to detail!)
  8. Don’t expect to know every detail about their lives. (Like you really did before anyway!)
  9. Respect their independence. (Remember how fiercely you wanted it back in the day.)
  10. “Being there” still counts.

Meanwhile, our son and his wife just arrived for a long visit and I am so excited to put two more plates on the table again.  The empty nest can wait!

Hope for the Best,




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