Picture Day

OLDShe still had all the precociousness of a little girl and confidently tugged at one of the workers.

I’m looking for a shirt, tomorrow is picture day.”

We’re not talking Macy’s here or Target either or even a local thrift store although all those stores are a good place to look for a new shirt for Picture Day.  The garment rack this little sweetheart was gazing at belonged to the free clothing pantry at our church.

Wednesday evening, food pantry night, brings masses of families, often refugees, through the doors.  Once they receive their bags of food, they can stop to check out the donated clothes.

I remember picture day, don’t you?  We had to wear dark tops as you can see from the photo above.  I can call up all my 7-year-old angst of wanting to look my best.  I’m sure I had a lot of dark tops to choose from.

Probably not this girl.  She wasn’t looking for a dark top either…her finger kept pointing to the colorful sparkly tops that peeked out  between the more neutral ones on the rack.  My friend pulled a couple down, they were all too big.

We both thumbed through the kids shirts hoping we missed one.  I thought of all the sparkly tops a few doors down at Target just waiting for a girl like this to stop by.  I don’t expect she did.

With a sigh that seemed to come from a long line of disappointments in such a short life she said, “I’ll find one at home” and walked out the door with her family.

I hope she did find something suitable at home and believe her engaging smile and un-stolen resilience will shine through the lens regardless of the color of her shirt, at least this year.  I still lament not finding one for her, though.

Everyone wants to look good on picture day.

PS If you have children’s clothing languishing in your drawers please consider donating them, ask me for details.

Hope for the Best,



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