Happy “Very Belated” from your Mom

birthday-cake-2-1200968-mI spent part of my morning running around looking for fresh blueberries.  Stores are not exactly well stocked with this item in late October but I haven’t given up yet.  You see, we are celebrating our son and his wife’s birthdays tonight and our other son’s tomorrow night and I really want to make our family’s favorite summer dessert for both events.  I hope they aren’t reading this because I want to surprise them.

Full disclosure:  These three birthdays actually took place in March, May and last month but I am of the “better late than never” camp and always ready to celebrate something so these dates seem just fine.  Besides, Gabe & Kim have been living abroad and are here for the first time together since Christmas so we had to wait.

When they were all young we did celebrate on the DAY with special food, gifts and a party of some sorts but as they all grew up, I wondered how to honor our adult child’s special day without being in charge of it.  It is a small part of not being in charge of ANYTHING anymore which, of course, is a huge transition!

After a few trial runs of various options, our current plan is for Tom and I to spend an evening with the birthday celebrant and their spouse at a table spread with their favorite take-out food and enjoy each other’s company, whenever it fits in everyone’s schedule. As much as we all love the whole family gatherings, it is very satisfying to have a chance to celebrate one at a time even if it is a bit far from the actual birthday.

So stuffed pizza shared tonight and Filipino cuisine tomorrow night and hopefully great connection & conversation served along with the food.  I can’t wait!

Each family gets to choose their style, however quirky it may seem some days, like out-of-season-desserts for very belated birthday parties.  Works for us and that’s what counts.

Gotta run, one more store left to check for blueberries!

Hope for the best,



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