Five Things I Like/Don’t Like about Halloween

big-bigger-biggest-1314449-sThe lawn decorations have definitely escalated, don’t you think?  Each year I seem more ambivalent about this almost National Holiday, Halloween.  I remember years I loved it, and other autumns I couldn’t wait for it to end.  Do I like it or not?  I’m still not sure but here are my five reasons for each side of my personal debate.

Like # 1: You get to talk to all your neighbors on the same night!  My favorite Halloweens were the years we took the kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  I loved the meet and greet that occurred at each door.

Dislike # 1: I am a definite non-creative when it comes to costumes, the kids or my own.  I had a bad case of costume-envy every year.  One year in a rare act of domesticity at the machine, I sewed clown costumes for my boys.  I don’t sew!  I thought they looked adorable but more or less made them wear them until they outgrew them and passed down to the girls.  They still lurk in the garage I think.

The boys in 1982The famous 1982 Clown Costumes

Like # 2:  I love seeing kids, i.e. my grandchildren, light up when they talk about what they are going to be for Halloween.  Such a magical transformation that trumps an afternoon rummaging through the dress-up box. Can’t wait to see them tonight!

Dislike # 2:  I don’t like being scared and don’t get why people think Haunted Houses are fun.  I can still call up some Twilight Zone episodes and feel all the fright. Why invite fear?

Like # 3: I like the mostly universality of the holiday. Families all over the country are gearing up for the big night and I like being a part of that large scope and seeing the spillover on my sidewalks.

Dislike # 3: I have encountered the real spiritual dark side and there is nothing fun about it.  Hard for me to enter into any celebration that honors this in any way.

Like # 4: Seeing retail and other employees in costume for a night is really fun. Catching glimpses of their whimsical side showing up is usually delightful.

Dislike # 4: I don’t get the “Dead” thing either with all the tombstones on the lawn.  My chaplain job often takes me into the real thing so it is hard for me to appreciate the decor.

Like # 5:  I love the opportunity to make pumpkin-anything:  soup, pasta, bread, and so many more orange gastronomical concoctions.

Dislike # 5: My holiday weight gain seems to begin with the leftover candy!

How about you?

Hope for the Best,



2 Responses to “Five Things I Like/Don’t Like about Halloween”

  1. 1 sandyboller October 31, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    I used the same pattern…made them for David and Debbie then passed them down to Jenny and John. Got many a Halloween out of those clown outfits!

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