“Scaredy-Cat Driver Meets Author”

Sandra DallasI don’t like driving at night.  I especially don’t like driving at night on the expressway in the rain.

So when I heard one of my favorite authors, Sandra Dallas, was signing books in a suburb about an hour away, at night, I knew I had a dilemma.   What did I want more, staying in my comfort zone or to see Sandra?  I thought about it all day long.  BTW, it was raining.

One strong pull was the fact that I already decided to go out of my way to meet favorite authors when they are in the Chicago area.  Remember when I met Anne Lamott? http://wp.me/pPRDV-GJ  There were no rainy dark expressways involved in meeting her.

The other strong pull was my cozy dry living room where another good book awaited me.  Maybe I could meet her another time, on a sunny day in June.

Wait!  Wasn’t I the kind of woman who drives an hour plus in the rain at night to hear a favorite author?  Didn’t I choose to say YES to opportunities to stretch & grow?  At the end of the day would I most regret going or not going? Fifteen minutes before leaving time, I made the decision.  Going.

The traffic was heavy, slower than usual.  My GPS girl on the phone shut off at one point and I got a bit lost.  When I finally found the bookstore, 20 minutes late, there were no parking places within several blocks,  Just as I walked in the door and took a seat, she scanned the crowd, “Any more questions?” and it was over.

Crazy but I felt empowered anyway …OK and slightly disappointed…I STILL got to meet her, the whole point of coming.   I bought a book and stood in line  to chat with Sandra Dallas.  I told her how much I enjoyed all her historical novels and appreciated that one mentioned Quincy, my home town.  She was gracious and my authenticity was intact, I do meet authors I enjoy when I have the opportunity.

The drive home was swifter due to better traffic.  I didn’t have any great epiphany and start to love nighttime rainy drives but I did listen to a sermon I recently missed so the time was satisfying.

I’m sure I will have many more opportunities ahead to face my fears big and small.  Can’t promise I will always  say YES again but I’m glad I did this time.

Hope for the Best,


PS Want to read more about pushing comfort zones? Bach at Bedtime http://wp.me/pPRDV-9n, My Segway to YES, http://wp.me/pPRDV-q1


2 Responses to ““Scaredy-Cat Driver Meets Author””

  1. 1 Cathy Ellison November 7, 2013 at 4:15 PM

    Very good, Tish! I identify with the desire NOT to drive at night to unfamiliar places in the dark rain. You did it! good for you! Cathy 🙂


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