shoes-1-76587-mI don’t like to run.  In fact, as far as I know, my children have only one memory of me running and that was to get out of a thunderstorm on vacation one year.  It was more memorable than the storm.

I thought I was all set in the fitness department when I got a personal trainer last winter.  Then he moved on and I didn’t.  I also realized I will probably never be “all set” in the fitness department.  I just need to find the next thing that works.

Today, I’m excited to report I have two tools that are still very satisfying for me which is one more than I usually have so hopefully I will stay double-motivated.

Techno fitness tool # 1:  A FITBIT.  I feel like a real traitor to my loyal pedometer which hasn’t been used since I discovered this tiny gem.  This device tracks just about anything you want it to: steps, calories, miles, sleep, weight, food, activity and you can view it all day long on your computer or phone.  Not my phone as it is slightly behind the trends, but I am on my computer enough to watch the numbers move around. Fun!

Techno fitness tool # 2: A Kindle. Or to be more accurate, a long page-turning e-book thriller that I ONLY read while on the treadmill at my local gym.  Sometimes it is the fastest half hour in my day and already I can’t wait to get back tomorrow to find out the fate of the main character.

Without my novel, I can find lots of excuses not to get over there so I know I’d better have another one lined up when I finally finish it.  I leave the Kindle in the car so I’m not tempted to just read a few pages anywhere else. Besides, when I get home, I can see all my progress on the Fitbit!

I don’t think getting or staying fit will ever stop being a challenge.  I am not one of those people who can “Eat More and Weigh Less” as one book title promised.  Are you?  If not, tell me what works for you?

Gotta go climb a few more flights of stairs….

Hope for the Best,



3 Responses to “Techno-Fitness”

  1. 1 Cathy November 18, 2013 at 4:45 PM

    Tish, I love your blogs. Most of the time when I read them, I think that could’ve been me writing that. I too depend on my Fitbit and my Kindle to keep me on track working out (when I do get to the gym
    Keep writing and encouraging all of us. You’re the best!

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