Bring On the Christmas Cards!

Mail boxI love getting mail, the personal kind of course. I still watch the street for the white mail truck most days hoping there will be something satisfying in the day’s delivery.  These days I am often rewarded.

Back in my girl-hood, so much mail went through the system this time of year that  (at least in Quincy) we got mail twice a day the weeks before Christmas.  My mom and I would sit and open the big stack each day and talk about the senders.  One of her nursing school friends had like about 11 kids and sent a photo each year.  I loved opening that card and imagining what life might be like in that family.

By the second week of December, my dad would set up the card table in the living room and start on the ones our family sent out. They kept a little book for addresses which provided the option of checking whether or not the recipient sent one back.   Keeping track bothered me somehow, just send them!

Apparently, not as many people send cards anymore. With texting, email, Face Book and the like there is no need to wait for the once a year greeting and update.   While I daily participate in all those types of communication, I still love the sight of an envelope in my mailbox that contains a Christmas card. Don’t you?

Of course, to get cards, it helps to send them too!  Good thing I like that part too but only if I’m not rushed.  Starting early enough helps as does Christmas music and something hot to drink. Years ago we decided to just send cards to those friends we don’t regularly see since it really was an annual greeting and catch-up

Christmas cards

The childhood friend, the college roommate, long ago neighbors, friends from various legs of our journey show up on the list.  More than fulfilling another task of Christmas, I see the sending and receiving of cards as an annual opportunity to remember all who have been part of shaping who I am today.   So many names, so very grateful for the imprint of each one.

I’ll forego cookie baking, running around to stores, producing big Christmas dinners but I don’t plan to let go of the treasured tradition of sending cards.

Hope for the best,



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