Three Gifts for Christmas

3 giftsHow many gifts are “enough?” As a Mom wanting to provide endless Christmas magic for my kids sans Santa, that number seemed so elusive.  The ads would tantalize me with “just one more” and my garment of mom-guilt for something I did/didn’t do was always ready to throw on.  Could one more gift assuage that? Not likely.

So in our quest for ways to celebrate lavishly but spend minimally we decided years ago to limit our gifts to each of our kids to three.  Not gold, frankincense and myrrh like at the first Christmas celebration but a Book, a Game and a Toy.

Other families have the same number but different categories like:

Something you need

Something to read

Something you want.

Or another family we love uses the themes of: a book, an art activity, a toy.

Let me tell you, the formula has worked out just fine for a very long time and we are now using it with our grandchildren.

To fill out the opening we go s-l-o-w-l-y one at a time from youngest to oldest and stop to check out the stockings during the exchange.

A while back I added the additional small package of a JOKE gift. Often the most fun of the joke gift is the alleged giver who signs the tag.  Would you believe last year I received a gift from Charles Shaw himself… the CEO of 3 buck chuck?  I didn’t either but that’s what my tag said!

Wrapped under the tree are the book and the game but the toy?  Come back Thursday to find out about the Christmas Hunt! The most fun event of the morning 🙂

Hope for the Best,



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