Pizza for Christmas!

pizza-391230-mA strong memory from childhood Christmases is being in the car.  After a truly wonderful time opening our gifts under the tree, the rush was on.  Our Christmas morning stops included church, out local grandma, the neighbors, Walgreens for something we forgot, and finally my country grandma’s home where we spent the rest of the day.  All the while my new doll languished at home.

While we enjoyed all the visits, somewhere around age eight or nine I resolved as soon as I could, I wanted to stay home all Christmas Day. Don’t worry…we still see extended family during the season.

When my turn came to be the Mom and plan the day the other important item for me was not to make a big meal. Now I like turkey dinners just fine but I didn’t like my mom/grandma seemingly stuck in the kitchen on this most festive of days.  I also didn’t like being the able assistant for the cooking and especially the cleaning up.  Why not order out?

Disclaimer: We were not an ordering-out kind of family.  We also didn’t order pizza out since we made it every Saturday night.  To order out was quite special!

But wait…what about the fun of a fancy meal?  We decided to preserve that holiday tradition but on Christmas Eve instead of Day.  A fine feast shows up every year usually with a lot of help from my husband!  After opening gifts Christmas morning we have a nice kid-prepared brunch with special foods then the kitchen closes down.

Table all setChristmas Eve Dinner

Sometime late afternoon we pull out the stuffed pizza we picked up the day before as nothing is open on Christmas.  We still have an ongoing debate every year, including this one, as to whether or not to get it unbaked, half-baked or fully baked.  Results vary.

The best part for all of us is the ease of the meal, the ongoing fun of the day, and no one misses any big parts of the action due to cooking and cleaning. Maybe not your style but a plan that works for us!  AND, as I mentioned in my post last year, “10 Things I Learned After Many Christmases” I think the birthday celebrant is just fine with that!

Hope for the Best,


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